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Brian Weal

This is the blog of Brian Peter Weal, where you can find a variety of articles focusing on Brian’s professional and personal interests.



Brian is an expert in the finance industry, in which he’s led a successful career since 1983. As such, you’ll find a variety of topics related to the finance industry on the blog, including articles about the companies Brian helped co-found: Swan Group and GRRE Group.


This blog will also touch on his personal interests which include travel and sport. If you’re interested in learning more about Brian’s endeavours and interests, you’ve found the perfect resource.

Swan Group and GRRE Group

Brian Peter Weal is an innovative entrepreneur who has founded a number of companies
Real estate management
Today, Brian continues to be actively involved in two of these companies: Swan Group and GRRE Group. The Swan Group focuses on the development and management of real estate,
Renewable energy
The GRRE Group – which stands for Green Renewable Redeemable Energy – is an investment company focusing on renewable energy and clean technology.

As a co-founder and active player in these companies, Brian raises capital, allocates investments and oversees a range of the companies’ projects. Through articles on this blog, you can stay up to date with the latest news and happenings in these two innovative, promising companies.

Travel and Sports
This blog will also cover a range of topics of personal interest to Brian, particularly related to travel and sports. Brian currently divides his time between Dubai, London and Spain, meaning he is constantly on the go. Learn about these three distinct locations and their unique features through informational articles posted on this blog.

Brian also loves to play racket sports, Padel tennis and football. On this blog, you’ll have the chance to learn more about these sports, how they’re played and their rules, among other topics related to these sports.