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Swan Group specialises in the affordable housing market in Scotland, working with a network of partners including corporations and industry-leading professionals. You can learn more about Swan Group’s history in the PDF attached to this post. One of the strategic partners of Swan Group – of which Brian Weal is co-founder and co-owner – is Graham & Sibbald, a chartered surveying practice with extensive knowledge of the local area and an office network spanning Scotland.

Traditional Partnership

Graham & Sibbald operates as a traditional partnership, with a team of senior and managing partners supported by a larger network comprising 18 additional partners, 7 consultants and 34 associates as part of a 200-strong employment team across 15 offices in the UK. The decision to continue trading as a traditional partnership rather than as a limited company or limited liability partnership was deliberately made, as the company believes this sends clients the right message. This message is that Graham & Sibbald is committed to providing property advice that is trusted, reliable and safe, no matter how large or small the client.

In the Beginning

The roots of Graham & Sibbald lie as far back as 1959, when Sandy Graham and Greig Sibbald entered into a partnership in Dundee. At the time, this partnership was the first and only practice in Dundee that was solely valuation-based. Graham came from a background with the District Valuer’s Department, while Sibbald had previously worked as a property agent for John Sibbald & Son. By 1964, Graham & Sibbald was expanding its client base and opening new offices, initially in Glasgow, Stirling and Kirkcaldy. In the years to follow, the partnership would open seven more offices across Scotland in Inverness, Edinburgh, Perth, Falkirk, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Hamilton. Expansion into England has occurred in more recent years, with a further office opened in Weybridge.

Residential Property Conveyancing Services

Graham & Sibbald offers a comprehensive range of services for residential property valuations, providing clients with expert advice on the type of survey that is most appropriate for their individual requirements. For almost half a century, Graham & Sibbald has been carrying out a full range of residential services, including home buyer valuations and surveys, mortgage valuation reports, building surveys and all other types of valuations. This experience and expertise is combined with in-depth local market knowledge, ensuring a reliable and comprehensive valuation service for each client. In the infographic attachment you can find an overview of what chartered surveyors are.

Commercial Services

In addition to its long-standing residential property valuations business, Graham & Sibbald also operates a commercial property services division. This department works with commercial clients across the UK, providing specialist advice regarding every aspect of commercial property development, acquisition and sales. Graham & Sibbald also acts for landlords and tenants, looking at the complexities of lease renewals and offering professional rent reviews. This department includes a social housing division, offering advice to providers of social housing about housing stock valuations as well as advising lenders. Swan Group specialises in affordable social housing – you can find a definition of affordable housing in the short video attachment.

Specialist Services

Graham & Sibbald has experience advising many other specialist sectors on property valuation, including the construction industry, healthcare providers, petroleum and roadside services, licensed trade and leisure, planning, marine and EPC. The team has the specialised knowledge and skills to work with all manner of businesses, even in sectors that are highly regulated or have complex legislation that can affect the valuation process.